Mohammad Ibrahim Akbar

2019 Facilitator

Mohammad Ibrahim Akbar holds a bachelor degree in Economics from Gawharshad University in Kabul Afghanistan. He currently works for the Administrative Office of the President in the Afghan government. He has been involved in youth and civil society activities since 2009 and has been a member of Hadia-Youth Volunteer Group for Social Reform since then. As Hadia member, he has organized cultural festivals, street-cleaning campaigns, poetry readings, movie screenings and debate and dialogue sessions all with the purpose of connecting the youth and synergizing their activities. He has worked to promote volunteerism and youth participation in all aspects of the society in Kabul and provinces. He has also worked with RED Organizations on Appreciating the Differences Cultural Festival. The Festival brought together people from different parts of Afghanistan to represent different cultures and also illustrate common cultural patterns among Afghans. Ibrahim Akbar is interested in working in the fields of culture and education. He hopes to have a part in improving the state of education and to work with youth around Afghanistan.