Continued identification, arrest, imprisonment, torture and rape of Afghan LGBT people by the Taliban group:

The shocking narrative of an Afghan LGBT person to the Rainbow Afghanistan Organization;

I was sleeping in my room, and I saw four talibs standing above me at night, putting the weapon on me and telling me to wake up, ( Izak )

( Izak ) is a word used in Afghanistan to refer to LGBT people and it is a form of insult and humiliation.
And ( Lawat ) in Shariat and Islamic Punishment, It is called sex between two men.

And when I got up, four people tied my hands, pulled my clothes, and four people raped me , And then they took me to the 4th police station in Kabul and there, without saying a word, they started whipping me with a pipe and beating me so much that I passed out ، And when I opened my eyes again, I realized that my pants had been pulled and that I had been sexually assaulted while I was unconscious.

My whole body was in pain and then two Talibs came to the prison and told me that you are gay and (Lovat) Kar and if you don’t introduce your friends to us, we will take you to Polcharkhi prison and not let you live there , And to save myself, I fell at their feet crying and said that I (Lovat) am not gay and my family is not Afghanistan and I am only a student here.

Then they kept me until the night, and then a person from the Taliban with long hair and a long beard came to me and said, I will release you if you have to be with me Because I will come to you whenever I want to solve my sexual problem, and then she threatened me that if I tell anyone about this, I will no longer be alive.

And I accepted this request to save my life, and then Talib took me to my room and sexually assaulted me from night to morning , While my body was full of blood because I was tortured in prison and I couldn’t walk at all, but that Talib with long hair raped me from night to morning.
And when Talib left my room that morning, I had to leave my room with bloody and wounded legs and I asked an old man for help to shelter me in his house. And now I’m hiding in a house and I’m in a dire situation and I had to change my SIM card so that those Taliban people can’t find me.

I don’t know why I’m alive, I wish I wasn’t born a gay person. I plan to commit suicide every day so that I will not be alive anymore, so that I will not suffer anymore because of being LGBT.

Rainbow Afghanistan; Unfortunately, in one week, nearly four Afghan LGBT people were arrested by the Taliban and raped after being tortured And after a few days, either they were released due to the money and commitment of their family, or they were released by some Taliban people with a request for sex.
This is while the United Nations and human rights organizations pay little attention to the unfortunate situation of LGBTs in Afghanistan , And they even forgot the LGBT community of Afghanistan.

Rainbow Afghanistan