June 20th is World Refugee Day and is named to bring attention to the plight of refugees around the world.
The world today has become one of the most difficult historical periods for refugees, and with the rise of anti-asylum policies and laws in different countries, the expulsion of refugees, border walls, the tightening of entry rules and the acceptance of refugees are widely on the agenda. Governments have been placed and the news of the killing of asylum seekers on the asylum routes has become the usual news of the world.

Homosexuals, bisexuals, queers and trans people have always been part of the asylum seekers who go to free countries from their countries to get rid of discrimination, injustice and oppression. When the Taliban came to power and dominated the country of Afghanistan, LGBTQ people were among the first groups to be in danger, and the shadow of death, torture, imprisonment, arrest and abuse has been over them in all these two years, and they had to flee the country. and going to the countries of Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. All three of these countries have homophobic and queerist governments, and Afghan rainbows are forced to hide their identity and sexual orientation, and they face danger and social harassment in these countries.

Economic, mental and psychological problems, uncertainty and waiting for acceptance and receiving help and support from organizations and institutions supporting the rights of asylum seekers have created difficult and unbearable conditions for LGBTQ people in Afghanistan. The United Nations, European governments, the United States, Canada and Australia and organizations supporting asylum seekers should give priority to the Afghan rainbow people and remove them from the countries of Pakistan, Turkey and Iran as soon as possible.

The rights of refugees are human rights, and countries claiming human rights should pay more attention and accelerate the transfer and acceptance of rainbow Afghan refugees, save them from the risk of death, torture, and imprisonment so that they can live in safe, peaceful, and humane conditions.