EU member states and the Home Affairs Council want to decide on further reform of the asylum system. One of the reforms under the EU’s Home council is that refugees should be transferred to the seemingly third safe countries. Moreover, Asylum border procedures should be systematically conducted under conditions of detention and the Dublin system should be strengthened.

If this is confirmed, LGBT+ asylum seekers who enter Europe through the EU’s external borders will also be forced to experience asylum procedures at the EU’s external borders under the conditions of imprisonment. Unfortunately, LGBT+ refugees are also at risk of deportation to countries that will be declared “Third Safe Countries” in the future. This and the new laws of EU member states will cause more risks for the LGBT+ community than before.

Ali Tawakoli , the founder of Afghanistan Rainbow Organization, says:
“Reforms planned for refugees by EU member states are generally a dark and sad scenario for refugees, especially for LGBTIQ asylum seekers, because they need to be supported, rescued and are under the threat of death at any moment.

The LGBT+ community has always been oppressed in countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, etc. This oppression is mostly practiced by the governments and the relevant communities. Therefore, the sexual and gender minority refugees of the mentioned countries have to accept all the dangerous ways to save their lives in order to reach Europe.

This time, the EU member states’ planned reforms will further threaten the lives of eligible LGBT+ refugees, as housing in detention camps makes access to medical and psychiatric care impossible, increasing the risk of violence against LGBTIQ people, who are currently the most vulnerable.
It is obvious to everyone that LGBT+ people are harassed and attacked by people in different societies, and they in the asylum process are very afraid of being harmed or even losing their lives so they come out late.

This is also evident that the European Union and its member states, unfortunately, never put a proper plan on the table to save refugees whose lives are in danger for various reasons. This neglect of the European Union and its member states has caused us to see the loss of more LGBT+ people.

It goes without saying that the LGBT+ refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq who seek refuge in Turkey usually get harried, killed or deported. Turkey is not safe for the rainbow community because in recent years we have seen the loss of many LGBTIQ people in Turkey. All of them tried to reach Europe to save their lives, but unfortunately, either they were attacked by unknown extremists in Turkey, or they lost their sweet lives in deadly ways.

As you know, if, according to the proposals, asylum seekers from countries with relatively low protection rates come to Europe through border procedures, this will affect everyone, especially for LGBTIQ refugees, because in those so called THIRD SAFE COUNTRIES, many countries are against gender stereotypes and/or they are indifferent to the persecution of LGBTIQs.

The EU’s planned asylum reform means a tougher asylum policy against LGBTIQ refugees because it will put the lives of the mentioned people at greater risk!
We hope that EU member states, which consider themselves to be true defenders of human rights in the world, will guarantee at least the standard of protection for LGBTIQ asylum seekers.”