Rajab Tayyab Erdogan was elected president in Turkey for another 5-year term! After his victory, he called his people for unity and solidarity, despite the fact that based on his religious-moral attitudes, his policies are discriminatory and bigoted against many minorities including sexual and gender minorities in Turkish society.
The hatred and disgust of the Erdogan government against the LGBT families of that country has never been hidden; the elected president of Turkey has mentioned this hatred many times even in his election campaigns.
Compared to his electoral rival, Erdogan’s stance towards the refugees of other countries seems appropriate in terms of expression, but in practice, many refugees including Afghans were sentenced to torture and forced deportation during the previous period of his rule. In such a situation where a large group of LGBT people and asylum seekers from other countries continue to be tortured and forcibly deported, achieving true unity and solidarity in that country seems unlikely.
In democracies, the responsibility of the elected leaders is not only to defend and support the majority of their voters, their more important responsibility is the minorities who did not even vote for them, and to give them legal support and protection. We hope that the Turkish government under the leadership of Erdogan will pay attention to this issue and respect the diverse minorities of the society and consider their rights as equal to other members of the society.