Coming out means revealing gender identity and/or sexual orientation as LGBTIQ person.
In an Afghan society, where religious and traditional beliefs recognize only two genders, which are male and female, and only sexual orientation towards the opposite sex and sexual behavior only within the framework of marriage is considered, then one should be really careful about coming out.

Years of insecurity, imposition of poverty and illiteracy on Afghanistan through the war of world’s political powers have made the Afghan society unable to achieve proper, intellectual and cultural development. The society and families who have been victims of repression, poverty and political instability and who have also been far from getting proper education and modern and humanistic culture; how can they be expected to understand and accept issues related to queer rights, while in developed countries, societies have accepted these issues after facing years of hardships and long-term developments.

If coming out as any of the different sexual orientation and/or gender identity (LGBTQ+) causes rejection, torture, mental and verbal abuse, then revealing the true self is wrong and can only be implemented in cases where you are sure that your family and people around you will accept, understand and support you; Otherwise, you may face irreparable risks and problems.
Your security and peace of mind are very important, and as long as you are financially and economically dependent on your family, you should not risk your situation.

The existence of a repressive and homophobic government or political system that has specific laws and punishments for same-sex relationships and gender expressions; is referred to be one of the factors that endangers the social status, job, education and may even end to prison, flogging and execution, so as long as the Taliban regime is ruling in Afghanistan, one should be very careful and prioritize self security at the very first place.