Life has many challenges, problems, and sorrows for humans, but the problems and sorrows for the members of the LGBT+ family take on a different color because each member of the rainbow family experiences a more difficult and unusual life than other members of a society. Due to their different sexual and gender orientations, these people are forced to pretend and play roles in the society, which is more difficult in their whole life.

For a person of the sexual and gender minority, many fears arise from childhood and adolescence; Fear of losing family, fear of losing credibility in society, being abandoned by friends in school or university, fear of what new problems will arise if his inner truth is revealed, and thousands of other fears; small concerns and big threats that may exist in a traditional and religious society, all cause an LGBT+ person to suffer from anxiety and depression.

The intensity of this pressure or depression varies from person to person and the level of tolerance of people is also different. Depression is a very common disorder among people in this group, and unfortunately, it increases the rate of self-deprecation, suicide and self-harm.
This is despite the fact that in most cases, people in this group are not aware that they are suffering from depression, especially because of illiteracy or lack of education, and they do not know how to deal with this mental illness and treat themselves.
Most of the time, they can’t even express the cause of their depression, and that’s why they tend to hide and pretend most of the time, which makes things more difficult.

In Afghan society, referring to a psychologist and psychotherapy department is highly taboo, and the referring person is considered (psycho/crazy) by other people. This is the reason why people avoid going to a psychologist or avoid trying to treat depression or any other mental illness, so that’s why their condition gets worse every day.

It is worth noting that mental/psychological problems are not visible like physical damage and can be easily hidden; the mental injuries of people are more dangerous and serious in most cases, which most of the time causes more damage to the patient and the people around him/her.

Difficulties, intellectual concerns, family problems, non-acceptance of LGBT+ people in the society, considering a person to be incomplete by himself/herself, a sense of self-deprecation, not accepting a person by him/herself as a normal person causes a variety of mental disorders such as: Schizophrenia, Neurodevelopment, Communication Disorders, Autism and personality disorder.
Therefore, as a human being, it is our human duty to not cause concern for each other, to be accepting and not to make life more difficult for anyone than it already is. Poisoning a person’s life because of his/her gender identity difference has no benefit for that person and other members of society.
To remove a stone from the path of others, to pave the way is the duty of all members of the society against each other, and it’s nice to be kind and not relentless to each other!