About Us

Introducing the Afghanistan Rainbow Organization.
Established in May 2022 Founder and President of Afghanistan Rainbow Organization: Ali Tawakoli The founder and director of Afghanistan Rainbow Organization; Jörg Hutter Original location: Bremen, Germany Focus of activity: changing the society of Afghanistan to a free and equal society where all people have freedom and equal rights. We are working here to build a better world. Slogan: We will not go back Hashtag: #SaveAfghanLGBTIQ Rainbow Afghanistan is the rainbow organization of Afghanistan (LGBTAQ) with the following goals.

Our Goals


Increasing awareness about the rights of LGBT people, fighting against homophobia (homophobia) and transphobia, and fighting against violence against homosexuals, gay women, and transgender people, the struggle and human rights activities for the rights and freedom of the forgotten and repressed community, that is, LGBT people in Afghanistan. …


Preparing research and various reports on violations of human rights, freedom, rights and rights in Afghanistan and the situation of the homosexual, bisexual, trans and intersex community in Afghanistan and informing families, health and medical staff, and educational staff did not prevent him from working in the international arena. let’s stay and providing assistance, both financial and health care, for the LGBT people of Afghanistan inside Afghanistan and supporting them in Afghanistan.


We Support and assistance to Afghan (LGBTQ ) refugees and immigrants around the world, especially in Germany.

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This organization is made up of Afghan LGBTQ youth and activists who work to educate people and defend human rights, especially the rights of women and sexual minorities. The first organization that fights for the rights of the LGBTIQ community is called Afghanistan Rainbow. LGBT people in Afghanistan who face security risks due to their sexuality and gender differences have been subjected to repression, violence, torture and murder for years. Unfortunately, the Taliban and the traditional society of Afghanistan often repress LGBT people, and numerous reports of Their violence, torture, whipping and execution have been recorded. LGBTIQ people in Afghanistan face legal challenges that non-LGBTIQ citizens do not. Members of the LGBT community are forced to keep their sexual identity and sexual orientation a secret for fear of harassment, intimidation, oppression, and death. The nature of the nation’s dependence on religion has limited any public discourse on this matter, and mentioning homosexuality and related terms is considered a taboo. There is no law in Afghanistan to deal with discrimination or sexual harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The Afghan constitution prioritizes the implementation of Sharia law over any other law, policy and regulation, allowing the government to prohibit any type of homosexual sexual activity. After the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the 1976 penal code was retained. But the new penal code of 2017 was implemented on February 14, 2018. The new criminal code defines specific sexual activities and prohibits some of them. This law disproportionately affected members of the LGBT community. Afghan LGBTQs were oppressed, violent and killed during the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government, and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government did not open any laws to prevent violence against the LGBT community, and sometimes some LGBT people who Most of them were trans people who were arrested by the security forces under various pretexts and released after they were sexually assaulted. On the one hand, the Afghan society and unknown extremists tried to suppress the LGBT community of Afghanistan. After distinguishing their identity among the Afghan society as a homosexual or LGBT person, BTs lost their lives mysteriously, or they were suppressed by their family and relatives, or Islamic extremists and the society. In August 2021, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the US-led military operation and formed an interim government composed entirely of male officials, including former Taliban members. Since then, the Taliban have enforced a harsh interpretation of Islamic law, despite their pledges to respect the rights of women and minority communities, and amnesty for those who cooperated closely with US-led efforts in Afghanistan. Although the Taliban leadership and Taliban officials had announced a general amnesty, but this amnesty was a deception for the world, this amnesty included people who worked or were active in the former government. After gaining power, the Taliban began to suppress and identify former government employees and security forces, especially the LGBT community, and at the beginning of their rule, they identified a large number of the LGBT community and arrested and executed them under different names. Or they mysteriously destroy LGBT people after identification, and to identify Afghan LGBT people, they used the virtual space of the Taliban, the Taliban created fake profiles on social networks and tricked LGBT people into They meet, which often results in murder and rape. The Taliban identified and arrested a large number of Afghan LGBTs using fake accounts on social networks, and through these arrested LGBT people identified other LGBT people, which resulted in a large number of LGBT people being killed. Afghanistan’s LGBTs were arrested, and after being arrested, they were executed, stoned, or killed in a mysterious way, and this tragedy is still going on for LGBTs in Afghanistan. In such a situation, the existence of the Afghanistan Rainbow Organization to defend the rights of the LGBTQ community in Afghanistan, educate the community about the rights and rights of the LGBTQ community, and raise the voice of LGBTQ people in Afghanistan who always It is subject to repression, torture, violence and killing, it is necessary all over the world and its existence has been historic and proud for the first time in the society of Afghanistan.

Ali Tawakoli