Today, with the relative progress of new technology and the Internet in society, a large number of people are familiar with the term “LGBT+” or “Sexual and Gender Minority”people and the theme of various orientations.
This is despite the fact that there are still misconceptions against LGBT+ people among the people of a backward society like Afghanistan.

These beliefs have been formed due to the lack of access to sufficient knowledge and information and the abuse of the name of this group, when most people come across the word “LGBT+”, they consider the aforementioned people to be the cause of the increase in prostitution and the promotion of sexual abnormalities in the society. They are considered uneducated, passive, misbehaving and out of moral values.

While everyone knows that societies like Afghanistan are completely patriarchal and arbitrary; In such a society, the words of adult men who do not feel any connection with the people of the advanced and growing societies of the world are considered more real and more important. In the opinion of Afghan citizens, the oppressed and the poor are inferior to the oppressor, a good example of which is the abuse of LGBTIQ people by the powerful and wealthy ones!

Despite the concealment of identity and sexual orientation, the pressures of society and family pressures, most people of the LGBT+ community are on the scene more diligently than before to study, to be independent, to fight against misconceptions, to fight against street harassment, and to assert their rights. Because the members of the LGBT+ community are looking for education, job, progress, welfare, peace and their human rights in all their duties and human characteristics, and they are no different from other members of the community.

The community of sexual and gender minority people have been fighting for many years to eliminate the false beliefs of the society and to be accepted. No LGBTQ person is looking for misconceptions formed among people, and on the contrary, they also strive for the well-being of others.
The people of the rainbow society, even if they are in any society, like other people, they can be doctors and engineers, they can be entrepreneurs, they can have different professions and specialties.

Let’s stop wrong and ignorant judgments and rush to help vulnerable people!
LGBT+ people endure a difficult and exhausting life even from birth; If we kindly remove a stone from their way, we have fulfilled a more humane duty. So how good it is to accept each other, not to be against each other and not to forget that we are all human and there is no difference between us! No one is superior and no one is inferior!