Several months have passed since the new 2023 process of the German federal government to save vulnerable people, and fortunately, on Tuesday, 26/9/23, the first Afghan LGBT people who were accepted in this process entered Germany.

Rainbow Afghanistan warmheartedly appreciates the achievement in the acceptance program for vulnerable Afghans.

Press Release
September 27, 2023
Bremen, Germany

Since the spring of 2022, Rainbow Afghanistan and LSVD, together with other civil society activists, have been working to ensure that LGBTIQ* people are among the most vulnerable groups and that immediate action must be taken to save them.

Almost a year ago, the federal government announced that it would begin a federal resettlement program for Afghanistan.
This week, the first most vulnerable Afghan LGBTs arrived in Germany.
Rainbow Afghanistan explicitly welcomes the fact that the federal government has finally been able to bring the first LGBT Afghans to safety through the 2023 federal admissions program.

The punishment for homosexual acts in Afghanistan is hanging and execution under the wall. Many LGBTIQ people have already been murdered, including transgender people who face violence and attack specifically because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

In the last one and a half years, Rainbow Afghanistan organization has received countless requests for help from LGBT people in Afghanistan, so far this organization and its colleagues have helped and evacuated a number of Afghan LGBTQ people to the second and third countries. They were tortured and attacked in Afghanistan and their lives were in serious danger and many of them were threatened with death. It should be noted that these requests reach more than 4000 from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan and are still continuing.

Unfortunately, the Taliban continues to suppress the LGBT community in Afghanistan. Human rights organizations and the United Nations have been completely silent in front of the crime against the LGBT community in Afghanistan. Until now, countless number of Afghan LGBT people are either in Taliban prisons, or they are brutally killed in silence by the Taliban.

Afghan LGBT people who sought refuge in neighboring countries such as Iran and Pakistan after the return of the Taliban are in complete destitution and in a dire situation and threatened with deportation.
As we know, in Iran and Pakistan, both of which are Islamic countries, being LGBT is considered a punishable crime in these countries. The Afghan LGBT community in these two countries is still in danger of death and continues to face financial problems, sexual abuse and attacks by unknown people.

Unfortunately, the program of the German federal government in 2023 does not include Afghan LGBT people who took refuge outside Afghanistan after the return of the Taliban. This program only includes people who are stuck in Afghanistan and were registered for this program from there. The German federal government should note that LGBT Afghans who have taken refuge in Iran and Pakistan cannot surrender to the Taliban and return to Afghanistan. The return of Afghan LGBT people from Iran and Pakistan to Afghanistan means putting themselves to death, because a large number of LGBT people who escaped from Afghanistan were actually identified by the Taliban, and were sentenced to death under the wall or execution.

The federal government’s efforts to advance the rights of LGBTIQ* victims should not end at this important milestone. Therefore, we ask the federal government and all democratic parties to, in the first step, please not forget in the new rescue process of 2023 to save Afghan LGBT people who took refuge in Iran and Pakistan and escaped Afghanistan from the hands of the Taliban. Take human rights action to save them.

In the discussions related to the so-called safe countries of origin, the common European asylum system and in the whole immigration debate, human rights, diversity and respect should be clearly placed.
LGBTIQ people are generally at risk in their countries of origin, when fleeing and even after entering Germany; Therefore, their rights must be guaranteed in all national or international changes in the law.

The admission program is one of the successes of the current federal government. It could serve as a worldwide model for a better immigration policy. This program focuses on human dignity as much as it is humanitarian and disciplined.
The arrival of the first vulnerable LGBT refugees from Afghanistan gives us hope to rescue more vulnerable people from the shadow of the Taliban.

Rainbow Afghanistan Organization
September 27, 2023