Happy Agender Pride Day! Genderless or Agender means not identifying with a specific gender. Agender is also referred to as empty gender, genderless, sexless gender, or null gender. Genderless identity falls under the umbrella of non-binary and (sometimes) transgender. Agender people can have any preference for pronouns (he/she/they), but some prefer to avoid using gendered language when referring to themselves. People who identify as agender may describe themselves as one of the following: • Asexual or sexless • Having an unknown or undefined gender, not conforming to any gender • Not knowing or not caring about gender, as an internal identity, as an external label • Decide not to label their gender
It is necessary to remember that people without gender (Agender) are completely different from Asexual people.
They can still present themselves in whatever gender expression they feel comfortable with, but they most like to consider themselves genderless.
We are all individuals with our own identity and we need to know, educate and celebrate each other.

In countries like Afghanistan, due to the lack of reliable sources and illiteracy, even among LGBT+ People, agender people are ridiculed and sometimes even underestimated. If they accept such people, they don’t consider them normal, they even label them transcendental, because in the opinion of most religious people, God is the only essence without gender, so they settle for this thought.

Agender people have enough research and information about the genders and sexual orientations of others because of the discrimination they see from everyone, but this does not mean that they are more worthy than others in terms of gender and sexual orientation. They also complain that people and even other LGBT+ groups think that agender people are disrupting the assigned genders.

If we focus, there are many names that are used to name people in Afghanistan, but are genderless in a way, moreover it doesn’t matter if we use them for naming a girl or a boy, so this means that in Afghan culture there are clear genderless signs, but people don’t see them.