Having No Freedom of Choosing a Lifestyle!

One of the most fundamental rights that all people enjoy by virtue of their being is the right to live a life in their own way.
All people have the right to live as they see fit, regardless of their affiliation with a particular religion, philosophy, or ideology.

According to this viewpoint, everyone has equal rights, and nobody has the authority to deny another person’s freedom to live a way of life that doesn’t hurt others.
But, in dictatorship and religious cultures like Saudi Arabia, where most of the citizens are treated like slaves, their life and death decisions must be made by the society, government, and the religion.

Sadly, it has recently come to light that a Saudi trans woman who was refugee in the United States was tricked into returning to her home country by her family. She was then forced to commit suicide as a result of the cruelty and torture she endured at the hands of her family, leading to a life that was no longer her own and one that ended bitterly.
How miserable life must be for those whose freedom to live their lives as they like is threatened by their families and others.

This horrible event demonstrates how, despite the United Nations’ status as an organization that defends human freedom, many cultures still do not grant people the opportunity to live their lives according to their own preferences because of gender differences.

It is hoped that this would awaken the consciousness of mankind, the United Nations, and human rights supporters to think about and work on a solution so that people are no longer compelled to commit suicide or live lives they did not choose because of their gender and sexual differences in their societies.

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