Homosexuals and other sexual and gender minorities in the world can create a common and strong self-defense shield in the world only with the standard of humanity. Because homosexuality is a common feeling that exists in the existence of many people all over the world, with different racial, geographical, religious and linguistic differences.

Therefore, humanity is the deepest principle among all LGBt+ communities that should not be forgotten.
In addition, there are many members of the Rainbow family who have been discriminated and oppressed by their closest family members, or are discriminated, harassed, insulted and tortured by their co-religionists under the name of corrupt, apostate, etc.

In terms of language and geography, in the same way, to the level that a homosexual person or another member of the family of the sexual and gender minority is understood and respected by him, someone who lives with him in the same geography and has a common language is not accepted and respected.
Anti-reality people and networks exist throughout history in different parts of the world because they have not been able to get out of the black hole of ignorance, they do not accept the social reality of homosexuality and the existence of sexual and gender minorities, since then until now this oppressed class spends its life suffering oppression and deprivation.

Although homosexuals and other members of the LGBTIQ family in the world, in addition to having a natural common feeling with each other, consider themselves to belong to different religions and sects, but reality, experience and history have proven that they cannot be accepted except by human criteria, and no religion or sect defends and supports the natural rights of humans.