Intersex Awareness Day is a day that seeks to raise awareness about intersex people and the struggles that they face in society. The day is intended to celebrate intersex people and recognise the unique challenges they face in society. 

Intersex Awareness Day was first celebrated in 1996, when a group of intersex and transgender activists organized a public demonstration in Boston, Massachusetts. 

What does intersex mean?
An intersex person has anatomical, chromosomal, or other biological characteristics that don’t fall into what society typically labels as male or female. An intersex person doesn’t always have both male and female sex organs. In fact, there are at least 16 different ways a person can be intersex.

Determining a person’s biological sex can be lot more complex than you might expect. As such, there are a lot more intersex individuals than you might expect (some estimates put it at 1 in 770 births)