LGBT people were welcomed into Saudi Arabia!

The government of Saudi Arabia, the most significant nation in the Islamic world, amended its travel policies to permit travellers of all sexual orientations to visit the nation.
The new reforms include, among other things, allowing unmarried couples to enter Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia claims to be open to LGBTQ travellers.
CNN’s Julia Buckley

According to the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA), LGBT tourists are welcome.
Human Rights Watch emphasizes that Saudi Arabia continues to criminalize homosexual behavior.

People of various sexual orientations are permitted to visit as well as coexist in several other Muslim-majority nations, such as the United Arab Emirates.
With some limitations, Qatar used to welcome LGBT visitors to the World Cup events.

Despite the fact that the local gays of these nations are in a terrible condition, optimism towards the acceptance and acceptance of the presence of LGBT people by some Islamic countries is a clear and significant move. And this demonstrates that all nations will acknowledge the reality of LGBT people as a result. Until this objective is attained, we hope that LGBT people won’t be further oppressed.