Deception, Poisoning and Rape of a Teenager by a Taliban Madrasa Teacher

The rape of children and teenagers by the Taliban is a widespread and common thing, and the history of this extremist Islamist group is full of harassment, violence and rape of men and women, children and teenagers.
In recent days, a film has been released in which a teenage boy talks about being raped and abused by one of the Taliban. This teenager says that the Taliban member deceived him under the pretext of teaching and after taking anesthetic medicine, he raped him and after regaining consciousness, he ran away from that place.

This narrative is the daily experiences of hundreds of teenagers and young men who are sexually harassed and raped by Taliban forces; They don’t speak out for fear of their reputation and their family, and they may even face such a threat from the Taliban forces that if they raise their voice, they will be harassed along with their family or they will be destroyed forever.

Afghanistan does not have any specific law and system for lawsuits and complaints after the Taliban took over. Sharia laws are also extremely vague and patriarchal regarding rape. These conditions are especially inappropriate and dangerous for homosexuals and LGBTQ people. Because if their identity and sexual orientation are known, they face the risk of torture and execution, and for this reason, they do not report rape or sexual harassment and are forced to endure these inhumane conditions.

This video shows how difficult the living conditions are for women and men, teenagers and children in Afghanistan under the Taliban rule, and how insecure and difficult the situation of LGBT people is. Therefore, the United Nations, countries that support human rights, and organizations that support lgbtq rights and refugees should pay special attention to the Afghan LGBT+ people and put them at the top of their list of aid and programs.