Political Collision with the theme of Human Rights!

Many governments, particularly authoritarian and religious regimes, deal with the topic of global human rights in a political and hostile manner, Because it challenges their inhumane behavior and similarly, some people uncritically and illogically adopt a pessimistic viewpoint regarding the subject of human rights.

The necessity of human nature, which had experienced great suffering and oppression, combined with the philosophical and social criticism of the world’s greatest scientists to create the phenomenon known as the universal theme of the human rights, which aims to lessen suffering among people worldwide and safeguard their destiny and identity. They came up with this collection of rules to follow.

The concepts of the German Humanist Philosopher, Immanuel Kant, who thinks for humans rather than for religion, or anything else, are the foundation of modern human rights.
A human being has the respect and the right to choose a life, according to human rights; this privilege is not exclusive to western citizens or anyone else.
Instead, this privilege desires all people on the planet to have it.