Unfortunately, LGBTs in Afghanistan are among the groups that have the least chance to survive among people who are persecuted for social-structural reasons, today we witness the most violence against the LGBT community in Afghanistan.

This is while the Supreme Court of the Taliban announced that four people were flogged in public in Kandahar on the charge of “lawat”. This court (Sunday, The 7th of January ) published a notice saying that each of these people was sentenced to 18 months of “imprisonment” and 39 lashes. In addition to the officials of this court, clients and ordinary citizens also participated in it.

In the last two years, the Taliban group has carried out several cases of retribution in public.

Previously, the Deputy Supreme Court of the Taliban announced that Taliban courts throughout Afghanistan have sentenced 37 people to “stoning” and four people to “murder under the wall”. Killing under the wall is issued by the Taliban to punish LGBT people in Afghanistan.
The Taliban court issues this sentence for “Zena and Lovat”. The meaning of (Lavat) is LGBT people.

Today, unfortunately, by the Taliban in Afghanistan, repressive violent actions are carried out arbitrarily without any legal requirements, but in response, the United Nations and human rights organizations and the governments involved in the tragedy of Afghanistan have remained silent, and this silence is painful, unfortunately, the crimes It has increased the Taliban in Afghanistan to every vulnerable group.
The United Nations and the world should not remain silent in the face of these crimes against the LGBT community in Afghanistan.

The Rainbow Afghanistan Organization , which fights for the rights, freedom and salvation of the LGBT community of Afghanistan, once again condemns these cruel orders of the Taliban against the LGBTQs of Afghanistan.
We ask the international community and the United Nations to sanction the Taliban in all global platforms and put maximum pressure on this group , Avoid giving ransom and tolerance to the Taliban in any form and level, and take immediate measures to protect the rights and save the LGBTQ community in Afghanistan.

Rainbow Afghanistan