Sexual and Gender Minorities’ Existence Proofs

In the turbulent history of humanity, it has frequently been observed that there are sexual and gender minorities. The rights of ethnic, racial, religious, sexual, and gender minorities have historically been so much ignored in a variety of social spheres that they have even been refused for their recognition.

Sadly, the majority of people think that the activists for sexual and gender minorities only want to discuss things that have to do with sex or sexual relations. However, this is not the case. Our discourse is about recognising a person’s human position, regardless of his or her orientation, and then accepting people’s decision and nature in selecting their way of lives.

Since LGBT+ people are smaller than other social groups, then we must fight harder than others for our social status, which covers a wide range of issues, from the right to an education, to the expression of one’s identity and equality in social standing.

All of the demands made on the rainbow community’s human rights must be fought for, such as the children rights and of education, which led to numerous LGBT individuals being accused, subjected to harassment, and subjected to physical and mental abuse in Afghan schools due to their innate gender identity.

Unfortunately, the majority of our rainbow flag members in developing nations and backward nations like Afghanistan have been denied access to education because of their sexual, gender, and behavioural differences, which has led to a higher rate of illiteracy and low levels of education among LGBT+ community members.

LGBTQ+ children are born with distinguishing qualities or they may discover their actual identities during intellectual and emotional growth because they are unique people, which refutes the Taliban and other Islamic extremist groups’ claim that LGBT+ people are products of the Western Society. Moreover the LGBT community are unaffected by any component of Western culture and society.
LGBT people can preserve their identity and orientation while also being religious and holding their own views.

It should be noted that, according to religion, especially in Islam, if a person is ill, the sentence of punishment is removed from him. This claim also asserts the belief that the inner feelings of sexual and gender minorities cause mental illness.
What makes religions penalize homosexual behaviour if it is a disease?

Taliban’s arrests, confessions, and death sentences of homosexuals are documented by our organisation and other human rights organisations, providing evidence of the LGBT+ population in Afghanistan.
Taliban and other like-minded individuals’ argument that “There are no homosexuals in the nation.” is also refuted by the previous statement.

The ones who transformed the mindset and culture of their countries by tireless fights for the rights of the rainbow communities, no matter wherever they are, must work with their friends and family members in order to support the LGBT+ community in Afghanistan for equality.