The message of the video:

I am an LGBTI+ Afghan!

With the return of the Taliban to power, we LGBTs in Afghanistan are facing more violence, torture and death penalties than before.

The LGBTIQ Community is the most vulnerable minority under Taliban rule in Afghanistan. We are deprived of all the basic rights of our lives, and we are condemned to gender identities and sexual orientations that we had no role in choosing.

Our request to the international community and the powerful countries of the world is to recognize the gender apartheid against LGBT people in Afghanistan and not to politicize action ​​human rights.”

After watching the video can also receive below messages:

The Message of the Video:

*We, the LGBT community, have been oppressed, tortured, raped and unjustifiably judged in the public by the Taliban and the homophobic community for many years.

*United Nations and the world, how do you talk about human rights when there has been sexual and gender apartheid against the LGBT community in Afghanistan for years? How long will you try to forget us?

*Silence is a shame!
Don’t consider the defense of LGBT rights a shame for you!
We are also humans!
Every day we are oppressed under the wall by the Taliban because of our gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

*We are awake!
Your silence regarding the state of the LGBT community will be one of the darkest periods that history will never forget.

*Don’t forget us, break your silence and recognize the sexual and gender apartheid against the LGBT community and Afghan women in Afghanistan!

The LGBT community of Afghanistan will not be silent anymore. It is very unfortunate that the rainbow community of Afghanistan has been suppressed in silence for years. Unfortunately, the world, the United Nations and human rights organizations are also completely silent in front of the crime and oppression against the LGBT community and other minorities in Afghanistan.

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