In a traditional society bound by old and religious restrictions, the smallest difference in appearance and behavior in humans is considered a taboo, and a person who commits that taboo, if he does not face physical abuse, will definitely face street harassment.

These abuses usually start with taunts and rude words and even lead to physical harm; In such a case, an LGBTIQ person is emotionally destroyed and will be under psychological pressure. Symptoms of depression have appeared in him/her, and all of these make their life more difficult and torture them even more.

Street harassment is unfortunately established as a negative culture in our society and affects the rainbow people of the society tremendously. This bad culture is made due to reasons like lack of awareness, being in an uneducated environment, having or developing bad habits, and satisfying the internal complexes of powerful people over the weaker ones, especially the LGBT+ people.
In Afghanistan, a law and punishment was considered for street harassment of women in the recent days of the republic era, but after the Taliban regained power, the previously defined laws have no effect, or perhaps they cannot be applied due to the physical removal of women and girls in society, which in general can be said that the wrong path continues without any obstacles.

LGBT+ people should know how to avoid bad treatment when they face street harassment and prefer to ignore the harassment because there is no defense law for the innocent and oppressed LGBT+ community to file a complaint and get the desired result. But even so, by raising the level of individual-social awareness and by cultivating the level of self-esteem of people who accept each other in a community regardless of differences in their clothing, color, orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, and language, etc, we can not only encourage them to continue their positivity, but we can also invite them to support the rainbow society to solve this ugly phenomenon of street harassment.

We have been facing the ugly approach of street harassment for many years and we cannot take any legal action in response to it, but the least possible thing is to speak up and not remain silent, so don’t remain silent and condemn this ugly phenomenon with every available means so that it is finally eradicated!