Summary of our activities in the middle of 2022 and 2023

Almost three years have passed since the return of Taliban terrorists, unfortunately, in the last two years, the LGBTQ community of Afghanistan has experienced the most repression in Afghanistan. To date, we have seen a significant increase in violence against the LGBTQ community in Afghanistan.
With the establishment and formation of the new Rainbow Afghanistan organization with the group of Afghan LGBT activists and without financial dependence on governments and
institutions, we started our activities voluntarily so that we can get help, save and fight for rights.
LGBT people in Afghanistan have started their struggle after years of suppression. We faced great challenges, one of the most important of which was the severe lack of financial and human resources, but despite these problems, we were able to provide a lot of help to save
the LGBT community in Afghanistan. In 2023, after the announcement and the start of the new
process of the German federal government to save vulnerable people, the Rainbow Afghanistan organization started its cooperation with the German LSVD organization to save Afghan LGBT people, which with the mutual agreement, about 500 Afghan LGBT people were rescued by the Rainbow Afghanistan organization identified and registered the evacuation process of the German government. Usually, many of them were tortured by the Taliban.
The federal government accepted and in cooperation with the LSVD and their international partners they were and
are still being evacuated. In these two years, the Rainbow Afghanistan organization has received
nearly 3,000 requests for help through email, website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which does not include personal requests from people, and these requests have increased significantly every day.

I must remind that the Rainbow Afghanistan Organization was able to accept 25 Afghan LGBT only in the 2022 program after proposing 150 people to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the federal government, and these people were transferred to Germany with the cooperation of the LSVD. Transgender Afghans identified by the Rainbow Afghanistan Organization in cooperation with the LSVD have been offered and accepted to the German federal government, and today, in cooperation with international partners, all assistance, especially financial assistance, is available for evacuation.
But unfortunately, we have not been able to provide better services and respond positively to more than 3000 requests for help.

And as a public institution, Rainbow Afghanistan Institute with voluntary activities and without receiving financial aid from the government and other institutions, we did not have enough resources to help.
We used to provide services based on people’s donations, but over time, unfortunately, financial
donations decreased and as a result, the assistance and services to Afghan LGBT people became less and more limited.It should also be remembered that the governments involved in the Afghan disaster did not fulfill their promises to save the vulnerable people of Afghanistan, and only the German federal government started the process of saving vulnerable people in 2023. The only problem with this process is that people must be in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it does not include people who fled from the Taliban to neighboring countries.

And unfortunately, this process of saving the federal government faced various problems, which made the federal government not fulfill its promise to save vulnerable people in Afghanistan and only managed to save a few vulnerable people, including their colleagues in Afghanistan.

Although the German government’s process is long, we hope that many LGBT and vulnerable
people accepted by the federal government, who are currently living without fate in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, will be sent to Germany. be evacuated and rescued.
The Rainbow Afghanistan Organization continues to raise awareness about LGBT rights, fight against homophobia (homophobia) and transphobia, and fight against violence against
homosexuals, gay women and transgender people, the fight and human rights activities for the rights and freedom of the LGBT community. Because Afghan transgenders are still forgotten and oppressed in Afghanistan.

We are grateful for the efforts and efforts of LSVD and their international partners to save LGBT people in Afghanistan, and we hope that LSVD and the partners involved in Afghanistan can save the Afghan LGBT people who cooperated with us. To evacuate LGBT Afghans accepted by the federal government’s rescue process to Germany.

Rainbow Afghanistan Organization
Bremen, Germany