Taliban’s rule over Afghanistan will be two years old!

The Taliban terroristic group, which fought against the previous government for 20 years, beheaded and shot hundreds and thousands of people accused of collaborating with the former government. In the same way, thousands of innocent women, men and children of Afghanistan were killed by suicide attacks and explosion which were planned by the Haqqani Group of Taliban. It has been almost two years since they imposed themselves on the people of Afghanistan and made life hell there. The Taliban consider themselves the conquerors of Afghanistan in the slogans they publish in Kabul and other cities; In such a way that the majority of Afghan people are their enemies and are non-Muslims or apostates based on their religious understanding.
The satanic group of Taliban in Afghanistan think of themselves as masters and people as their slaves. From the point of view of every member of Taliban, they consider the good of the society and the people better than themselves, and they have no need to listen to the opinions of others. For the same reason, they never talk about elective government or having the right to choose for the people.
For nearly two years, repression and tyranny have been ruling in absolute form in Afghanistan, young girls have been deprived of going to school and learning modern sciences, and women have also been deprived of the right to work outside the home.
Various minorities in the society, including homosexuals and other sexual and gender minority groups, are being chased, caught, tortured and finally killed in secret or in public. Leaders and activists of various civil, ethnic and political groups are caught and mysteriously killed.
In short, the human dignity of the Afghan people is being trampled and destroyed! If the world considers itself committed to the values of human rights and as well as the people of Afghanistan are not exempted from it, then the governments of the world should put more pressure on Taliban so that the human rights of the Afghan people are not further destroyed.