The destiny of humans should be in their own hands!

In general, all people should have the ability to make decisions about their lives, and members of the LGBT community should be allowed to live in a free and equal society that meets their basic requirements.

People can comprehend their gain and loss based on anthropological standards by supposing knowledge and intelligence. They ought to be in charge of their own fate in such a circumstance.

Contrarily, it is a condition in which we believe that because humans lack intelligence and awareness of their own benefits and harms, they should be slavishly under the control of others and spend their lives in accordance with their dictators.

A person with dignity, as defined by the United Nations’ Charter, is someone who has free will, is the master of his own fate, and can live in accordance with his/her inner desires and needs while still being accepted.

And those without it are degraded from the human state and regarded as slaves and mindless creatures.

Homosexuals living in a state of slavery and lack fundamental rights is a result of the lack of choice and will in many societies in the 21st Century. Unfortunately, the majority of the blame for this problem that affects this oppressed class belongs to authoritarian religions and beliefs around the globe.