Iran is considered a second home due to commonalities such as geographical neighborhood, religious and linguistic commonalities. Throughout history, Afghans have sought refuge in Iran whenever they felt a problem and danger in their homeland in terms of economic, political and security.

Similarly, Pakistan, which according to itself considers its longest neighbor Durand as the official line between itself and Afghanistan, has been playing “scary eye” with its Afghan immigrants for some time and in recent news has demanded the return of one million Afghan refugees to Afghanistan.

These mentioned countries are two sides of the same coin in front of Afghan immigrants and Afghanistan, who have been using Afghanistan and its people for forty years for their own interests, and they only see us as pawns in the international game. What’s worse is that both of our neighbors have not even shown mercy to their own people and have strangled their own citizens.

In the current situation of Afghanistan, due to political changes and the dominance of the Taliban group, many people, including military personnel, human rights defenders, former government employees and sexual and gender minorities who saw their lives in danger in Afghanistan, have moved to neighboring countries. Many people sought refuge in Pakistan and Iran to save their lives and their families from the Taliban.

The decision to deport Afghan refugees by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the people of Iran has put the Afghan immigrants living in these countries in serious danger. Among them, the Afghan LGBT people, whose lives are in serious danger under the shadow of the Taliban regime and have sought refuge in neighboring countries just to save their lives, are afraid of facing such a situation.
Although the governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan, both like the Taliban regime, have the death penalty for the members of the LGBTIQ family, nevertheless the rainbow people have temporarily taken refuge in these countries so that they can find themselves through this country, especially Iran, to the countries that really support LGBT people.

The actions of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the people of Iran to deport Afghan immigrants in this difficult situation are throwing vulnerable Afghan people into the well of death. It is hoped that these governments will reconsider the decision to deport Afghan immigrants in this emergency situation and not cause a more terrible disaster for the vulnerable people of Afghanistan.