These days in the Islamic calendar coincide with the month of Muharram and the movement of Imam Hussain (AS) against Yazid Ibn Muawiya. Less has been said about the mourning and ta’zia meetings of the LGBTIQ people, especially the Shiite trans people living in India and Pakistan.
Contrary to public opinion, rainbow people, even if they are in any part of the world, mostly consider themselves to belong to different religions and bring proofs of their rightful existence from correspondences and heavenly books.

The uprising of Imam Hussain (AS) is always for today’s world, which is more literate but unkind, innovative and revolutionary, has people who are looking for models of innovation and people who are aligned with him, and for this reason, celebrities play the major parts as role models; It brings lessons from the historical period that can be practiced today.

Therefore, according to these characteristics, Imam Hussain (a.s.) made a movement and action that is constructive for all historical eras, and one of the issues that the Imam brings to modern man is that human’s humanity should not be defined by material things, limited space, and limited time, because human is a being beyond and wider than these issues, and Imam Hussain (a.s.) always offered us a different view of humanity with this move.

Therefore, among other lessons that we can learn from this great movement, is that we can change our view on humans, society and life, as well as adhering to the agreement, which is very important for today’s society.

Due to being counted less, the community of LGBT+ people does not even have a place in the recent humanitarian table of Islamic countries, let alone considering their rights. All the atrocities and hardships of a sexual and gender minority person in the radical and religious Islamic society is because the Muslim man today is so busy with religious ceremonies that he has forgotten the main message of the religion of Islam, which was humanity, peace and reconciliation.

Yazid Ibn Muawiyah was a rich and reveling person who had taken over the throne of caliphate more because of patriarchy and not because of his merit. Worse, it made the society classier and did not give the least importance to the poor. Apart from the fact that he was a literate person and had an eloquent language and a good poetic taste, but his literacy and knowledge did not help his humanity because he had adopted false pride and considered himself more important than the community.

Unfortunately, according to the functions of the Imamate period, the last six months of his life, and the day of his martyrdom, Imam Hussain has been divided into three separate people, each of which is historical, cultural and religious. In fact, if we know Imam Hussain (a.s.) correctly and see him in a comprehensive identity geometry, then we can find out that it is possible to talk about Ashura, Karbala, Imam Hussain (a.s.) and his companions in a different way, which may differ to some extent from the views depicted in religious or cultural cases.

And in the end, the greatest lesson that Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions gave to each and every member of the human society including the members of the rainbow family is that no matter what the world, society, and oppressive government thinks, we must always rise up against oppression and show perseverance, even if we lose our sweet lives, because history has proven that until we don’t sacrifice, our ideas will not be accepted and we will not achieve rights and freedom.