This militancy results from ignorance, narrow-mindness, prejudice, and the inherent conflicts that exist within people.
Similar to how there was less militancy in the past and greater given the status of the globe today.
Most often, minorities and women face opposition and repression.
Despite the fact that women are equal to men in terms of all abilities and did not choose to be women, those who are hostile to nature oppose them and do not view them as human beings. They are not regarded as being on par with men.

It was similar to the situation with black people, who only believed they belonged to the black race despite not playing any part in determining its characteristics. Sadly, they have endured numerous forms of discrimination and oppression throughout history.
More brutal than the aforementioned incidents, the persecution and discrimination of homosexuals around the world demonstrates that, as natural beings, they had no part in deciding on their sexual orientation. Sadly, up until this point, most of the world’s nations have made it so that homosexuals must live lives filled with torture, insults, and humiliation.

We sincerely hope that the world will quickly come to its senses in this case of violence, that LGBT+ people won’t have to endure any more horrible mishaps or sacrifices, and that they will be appreciated and embraced in their society as fellow human beings.


LGBT #Afghanistan #SaveAfghanLGBTIQ

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