More than two years have passed since the terroristic group of Taliban came to power for the second time in Afghanistan. In these two years, the Taliban have systematically eliminated women and the LGBT community of this country.

Women and girls are deprived of their most basic rights, which are education and work. What is more terrifying is that the LGBT community, which constitutes a large and undeniable community in Afghanistan, is being completely removed from social life. Taliban does not even consider the right to life for this oppressed community. This vulnerable community is tortured, murdered and have been victims of Taliban’s militant policies every day.

The LGBT community of Afghanistan has been facing terrible sexual and gender apartheid for years. Silence in the face of this oppressive situation will be a historical and unforgettable shame for the world. We raise our voices so that you don’t consider defending the rights of LGBTs in Afghanistan a shame.
The LGBT community, as human beings who have nothing less than others, suffer torture and oppression from their families, society and the Taliban terrorist group, just because of their nature (which is indeed considered the LGBT community).

The LGBT community of Afghanistan has been completely forgotten by the United Nations and other human rights organizations, and unfortunately the world has been completely silent about the crimes of the Taliban against this oppressed community, women and the people of Afghanistan.
Until the United Nations and human rights organizations don’t break their silence towards the LGBT community in Afghanistan, this brutal cruelty against this oppressed class will not end.