The political and social conditions of Afghanistan changed a lot after the Taliban took over, and suddenly all the legal achievements to support the freedom of speech, women, children, LGBT people and other minorities underwent fundamental changes.

Women are forbidden from studying and working. Free and independent media are either severely controlled or completely shut down. Religious minorities are not only under pressure to perform worship and other religious ceremonies, but are also called infidels. Ethnic minorities have been subjected to systematic oppression, among which we witness various crimes against Hazara People every day.

Uzbek and Farsi-Dari languages ​​are being removed from university boards and other government and personal documents. Human rights structures and institutions have been closed. In a word, Afghanistan has become a big cage in which it is difficult to breathe.

But the conditions of gay, bisexual, trans and queer people in the geography of Afghanistan have become so dangerous and unpredictable that LGBTQ people do not know if they will survive in the next moments or not. Homosexuality the non-binary gender have no meaning for the Taliban group and the religious extremists of Afghanistan; either they consider it haram, a crime, and a bad deed, or if they are exposed or suspected as homosexuals, after being arrested, severe punishment such as flogging, prison, execution, hospitalization, or forced marriage awaits them.

Why the human rights and civil society activists, freedom and democracy claimants, influential and responsible people, writers, artists and elites of the Afghan society don’t speak up about oppression, injustice and daily oppression against the LGBT society? Why are they silent? Aren’t the rights of LGBTIQ people considered as human rights? Aren’t LGBT people humans? And don’t they have the rights to comfort, love, sex, work and a normal human life?!

Why don’t activists and the Afghan women’s movement talk about gay, bisexual, trans and LGBT women and demand their rights?
Why don’t the Left and Labor Activists talk about gay, transgender and LGBT workers? Is the production value of a queer worker less than that of a heterosexual worker?
Mahbouba Seraj, who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, has she ever said a word in defense of the gay, trans and queer people of Afghanistan and the endless oppression against this oppressed group?

To all the claimants of human rights, democracy, libertarians and egalitarians: if you also have a discriminatory, prejudiced and rejecting view of LGBT people; Know that you can never go against tyranny, oppression and backwardness without considering the fundamental and human rights of all classes and minorities of a society. A society is free when no human being is oppressed because of their gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, and social class, and everyone should enjoy the same and equal basic rights and citizenship.
Only then can the society be mobilized against the tyranny and discrimination of the Taliban and make fundamental changes for the future of Afghanistan.

Be the voice of LGBTQ people!

Mehran Hamidi